Monday, October 6, 2008

Why I love cruising day 2... aka... grab that deck chair early!

I love the first full day at sea. It's relaxing, beautiful and there are endless possibilities.

  • Wake up around 8am. Throw on work-out clothes and bring your towel. Either walk on the jogging path or go to the gym. Throw your towel on a lounge chair by the pool or forget it. You'll never get one. (yes, they say not to do that. I go with the other 2000 folks who do it)
  • Go to the buffet, sit on your balcony or go to the dining room and enjoy a wonderful breakfast. I can honestly say that Royal Caribbean has the best bran muffins in the world. You cannot beat fresh fruit on any cruise ship...yummy.
  • Hit the shops and check out that day's deal. Maybe play bingo and win a free cruise.
  • Throw on your bathing suit and lay on your lounge chair. There are a multitude of waiters who are happy to hand you a frozen daiquiri, bucket of beer, etc. Or belly up to the poolside bar and chat with others.
  • Add more sunscreen. That hot Caribbean sun and being in the middle of the ocean will bake you fast. Take a dip in the saltwater pool but don't forget to shower off - there are many fresh water showers next to the pool.
  • Go eat lunch! Get out of the sun and enjoy lunch at any of the dining venues.
  • Back to the sun until 3 or 4pm.
  • Take a nap.
  • Now primp! It's the first formal night and you want to look your best. I suggest an updo in the hair salon and perhaps a pedicure for the ladies. (or the men...this is 2008 after all.) There are two formal nights so i save my best for the second one. IF you are on a NCL cruise, you can forgo formal attire IF you wish. I recommend's fun and you can get awesome pictures!
  • Take your obligatory pic on the way to the dining room. If you like it you can buy it.
  • Enjoy a wonderful, wonderful dinner. Make a grand entrance all dressed up.
  • Cruise ships have awesome entertainment. See the show after dinner.
  • Go back to your room and change. (i recommend this)
  • Go to the Casino, Disco or just hang out under the stars and have a drink.
  • The next day you'll be in port, so enjoy this day!!
Happy sailing,

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