Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The daily grind....and I'm not talking coffee

Hey there,

Well, it's Tuesday. Not even hump day. Tuesday has nothing going for it except it's not Monday. This day is "let's dump all the work on the secretaries" day. I'd alert Hallmark for this one but I think other secretaries might stone me and I bruise easily.

I actually got out my calculator and figured out how much I have to save each month for an alaskan cruise. Curses...that beautiful new house is eating up all our money. I know, I have no complaints really. I have a wonderful husband, great kids and family. But I want a cruise and the goblins are after me. (cruise goblins) They put it in your head that you can afford one.

I refuse to put it on credit. I did that once and it sucked plain and simple. I had to pay on it long after the vaca. No good.

Ok, now I'm rambling so I'm not going to subject you to any more of this...for now...

Happy sailing,


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