Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Aft hog? Is there such a thing?

On my last cruise we had an aft junior suite stateroom but were able to take an upsell to a forward Penthouse which was amazing. This cruise I booked an aft again and am thrilled when I saw our large balcony, which is typical of most ships but not all.

I have to be truthful and hope to get an upsell again, but being that the cruise is booking up I'm not sure. Having a superior aft balcony would probably be one of the first thought to go up to a Jr. Suite. That would be great.

I'm dreaming today, cannot wait until we go down to Miami. We're spending a pre-cruise night at the Epic hotel and I can't wait to check out that amazing hotel as well.

Oh summer go by quickly so we can sail!!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Time is slooowly passing...

We have 4 months, one week and one day til our cruise. Wonderful thing is our Meet & Mingle is now at 37 people and we still have a lot of time for people to join in!

I love meeting new people and the Meet & Mingle's are great for that. In fact one friend I've had for 4 years because of meeting her on the ship.

We still have to look at shore trips and because our son is coming I know that wondering through the shops may bore him a bit, so better to be prepared!!

The price hasn't dropped further but I'm waiting to pay it in full in case it does, otherwise I'm out of luck.

Happy sailing,


Monday, April 6, 2009

Saving money and getting closer!

Royal Caribbean gave all Michiganders a break on our cruise prices. Ours went down $340 which is awesome! Go RCCL!!! Now instead of owing just over $ 2k it's $ 1700! Now that's what I like to see!

Jake is starting to get excited. It's his first cruise and so he doesn't know the delights that await him. Michael and keep saying it can't get here soon enough.

My wonderful TA from America's Vacation Center -Tonya- called the cruiseline to get the discounted rate. Love her! She's the best.

Anyway, just a happy rant going on here. We still have to get Jake's passport but my new one came and Mike still has his.

Ah bliss. Now if only it would warm up here in Michigan!!