Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer Cruisin' - Take the family and actually have a GREAT vacation!

We've all had those family vacation nightmares.  All of us piled into the car, endless driving with little breaks.  "Moooom, Chris stuck his finger in his mouth and is putting it on my face" type of rants.  One of us was always car sick and another barely out of diapers.  Struggling with 8 kids in the Ford Country Squire station wagon, how did my parents do it? They didn't have ipods, or ipads or cell phones then. My parents being the saints they are didn't have much of a choice for a family vacation but you do!

Instead of piling into the family truckster and taking a xanax every 3 hours to deal with the stress, why not book a cruise.  Not only would you have the undying admiration of your kids, but your wife will thank you as well. When your kids are firmly ensconced in the youth clubs meeting new best friends for life, you and your spouse can enjoy dinner ALONE...sans juice boxes but real wine glasses.  Get the picture?

There are cruise ports all over the U.S. and the world.  Choose one closest to you or fly or take the train to one.  This can be educational as well as fun.   Cruise ships have more to do in any given day that you can dream of.  Here's a sampling:

How about Royal Caribbean's Quantum or Anthem of the Seas where you can enjoy Rip Cord - where you can try sky diving safely, or take the family bumper car driving without ever leaving the ship.  You can all jump in the North Star which takes you up and over the ship in a giant glass enclosed bubble and that's only the start.  Quantum and Anthem have more activities in any given day that you could dream of.  Let's talk food.  There's a new concept that began on these ships called Dynamic Dining where you can eat at a different restaurant each evening.  Need a drink?  There are many  bars & pubs but none so well known as the Bionic Bar where two robotic arms will mix your drink - a first at sea!

Carnival Cruise Lines has a new ship coming out called the Vista. It has many features including Sky Ride which is a bike ride high above the ship, the first IMAX at sea, a ropes course and so much more.  Dining venues take you anywhere from Guy's Burger Joint to Farenheit 555 Steakhouse, as well as many restaurants and one just for foodies, Chef's Table.

Norwegian Cruise Line has a new ship called the Getaway which offers the Waterfront which is an open air area promenade with many venues, 5 water slides and many more fun ways to entertain yourself in the sports complex plus 28 dining options and great entertainment, including seven time Tony award nominated musical, Legally Blonde.  The Getaway is aptly named for a fun week at sea!

I can't list ever cruise line or this blog would turn into a book.  However, I hope you can imagine the many, many fun activities that could captivate both the klingons (kids) as well as the adults in your family. 

Cruising meets the unique needs of every family member Don't just take my word for it, try it out for yourself.  You'll thank me!

Happy Cruising, Mary