Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Great Deals Everywhere!

I've been getting a thousand emails lately about the amazing deals for cruises in a week or a month.  Deals that are unnaturally good.  IF you have the ability to do this, if you're retired or if you live near a cruise port, you can save a lot of money. 

Living in northern Michigan doesn't make it easy.  While the prices for the cruise are outstanding, the price for airfare is not. I even looked at prices from Detroit to Miami (mind you, Detroit is a 5 hr drive from my house and we have to deal with snowy roads) but the prices weren't much better than flying from nearby.

Having to fly into Miami or any other port adds over $1000 for my hubby and I.  Even in the case of a cheap flight, at least $600-$700 dollars for the two of us.

So am I just complaining or jealous.  A little of both.  When I retire, my desire is to within an hour of a major airport or 2 hours of a cruise port.  It makes all those last minute deals SO enticing.

I pray you take them up on the deals between now and mid-December.  Then go to www.cruisecritic.com and write a review so I can live vicariously through you.

Happy cruising,
Mary in snowy Michigan