Friday, May 29, 2009

90 days to go

Wow..tomorrow I can choose our seats for the flights. Making it all the more real!

We applied for our son's passport and passport card so another job done with.

Then mom's seamstress was over so I stood on a chair and got my beautiful red formal sized for shortening.

With all these activities going on, you know we're going on a cruise!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Dreaming of Alaska

Yes I have a cruise in 98 days but I'm already dreaming of an Alaskan cruise. I'm a caribbean girl through and through but the pictures I've seen from friends who have gone to Alaska are BREATHTAKING.

Mike really wants to go to Alaska but it would take a miracle to book another cruise in this economy. *sigh* I need to make more money!

Have a happy Memorial Day and thank you to all the troops throughout the years,


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Double Digits...

We're finally at double digits. 99 days until we board Liberty of the Seas, our beautiful home for one week. (wish it was more!)

My good friend Jimmy from 'Nawlins is cruising at the end of next week and so he's pressing his clothes, dry cleaning his suite, getting everything together. He's cruising with his 2 kids and I know that's going to be a very special time for all three of them.

See, cruises bring families together! I helped some friends book a cruise and they said it really brought them closer together!

So - the family that cruises together, stays together. Of course any excuse for a cruise is a GREAT excuse.

Happy Sailing,


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Welcome Shiloh !

Our newest addition to the ranch, Shiloh was born this morning at 12:45am. She's a beautiful quarter horse filly and so now we have a another baby - what fun!

Here she is!

Cruise Pub Crawl

There was a post on about funny things to put on t-shirts for a group. I wasn't in a group but made a cute sign that my best friend and I wore around our necks on Explorer of the Seas which we cruised on two years in a row.

Nowadays we don't drink as much in fact I hardly drink at all. I do love the frozen drinks and so I get them virgin, but may have a few Kahlua's. (I can't change my ways overnight!)

Our meet & mingle group is getting quite large and I'm really excited about that. I'm always checking you tube for pics of the ship and just thinking cruise in general.
This time we have our son on the cruise so I don't think we'll be getting too crazy.

The last time Michael and I cruised it was our pre-wedding honeymoon and that was a wonderful time in a Penthouse suite on the NCL Jewel. It was absolutely lovely, and we were spoiled for sure.

I sure have fond memories of our old days on RCCL with pub crawls, devil horn & angel headbands, karaoke and dancing til dawn. Not to mention the giant carrot we took back from the dining room (laughing the whole way) to surprise our room steward.

Here bunny bunny,


Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Meet & Mingle

We now have almost 50 people signed up for our Meet & Mingle. What's that you're wondering?

It's something that Royal Caribbean offers and it's just wonderful. What happens is this: Someone starts a thread on a cruise site, like and

As I'm the cruise addict I usually end up starting this thread with a title like the one I have going right now: Liberty of the Seas Aug. 29-Sept. 5, End of the Summer BASH! Then others that are sailing on your ship on the same week you're sailing joins the group. You get to chat ahead of time and once you're on the ship, usually the second day, you all meet up. Some of the ship dignitaries willI join us like the cruise director, hotel director and such. It's a fun party. I've made some wonderful friends this way. Friends I've had for 5 or more years and still communicate with regularly.

I highly recommend dong this if you have an upcoming cruise. You won't regret it!!

Happy sailing,


Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh the weather outside!

It was 20 degrees this morning. The frost was on the grass and it was f-r-r-reeeeezing in the house. I looked past the window to the horse pasture and my little filly was just running around like nothing was wrong.

I'm looking so forward to stepping out our stateroom balcony and feeling the balmy, romantic caribbean breezes. There is nothing like it to soothe the soul and dissolve all those "damn cold Michigan morning" ramblings.

I do love where we live. I love that we share the most amazing farm with my in-laws. I love the views out my window day and night. But on these really cold May mornings it makes me yearn for that cruise ship. How many days now? 109!!! Not that I'm keeping track or anything. :)

Happy sailing,


Friday, May 8, 2009

No longer an Aft hog...

My new hubby and newly adopted son and I are cruising Aug. 29th. I had upgraded to an aft stateroom (D1) but my gut said you better not surprise him, just show him the difference between the aft balconies and the side.

Darn good thing that I showed my hubby our aft stateroom 1404. He didn't like it! Always go with your gut. He prefers being on the side. Well the hump balconies were sold out and with the 3 of us I need something with a sofa sleeper. Soooooo...we booked the first stateroom on deck 7 on the port side, 7514. I had hoped to get an upsell to a jr. suite but I doubt that's going to happen. You know big deal. We are cruising soon and that's just fine with me!

To take my son on his first cruise at 16 years old is priceless!!

Happy Sailing,


112 days and counting...