Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh the weather outside!

It was 20 degrees this morning. The frost was on the grass and it was f-r-r-reeeeezing in the house. I looked past the window to the horse pasture and my little filly was just running around like nothing was wrong.

I'm looking so forward to stepping out our stateroom balcony and feeling the balmy, romantic caribbean breezes. There is nothing like it to soothe the soul and dissolve all those "damn cold Michigan morning" ramblings.

I do love where we live. I love that we share the most amazing farm with my in-laws. I love the views out my window day and night. But on these really cold May mornings it makes me yearn for that cruise ship. How many days now? 109!!! Not that I'm keeping track or anything. :)

Happy sailing,


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