Thursday, July 16, 2015

Long Term Cruising

Long Term Cruising

Having recently gotten an email from Holland America, I'm amazed at the savings by choosing a long term cruise. It goes to exotic locations and you save by spending more time at sea. Crazy! Here's an example:

32-DAY INCA DISCOVERY & SOUTH AMERICA with an inside stateroom is $2699. You'll pay more for a Vista Suite with balcony but it's still affordable at $5399. That's 32 days at SEA!!!

50-DAY ATLANTIC ADVENTURER Sail all over Europe and the caribbean for the lower cost - remember 50 nights at sea - for $5499 for an inside stateroom.

25-DAY SOUTH PACIFIC CROSSING now here's one I'd LOVE. Australia and the south Pacific. Very affordable at $1799 for an inside room.

These longer cruise voyages give me heart palpitations. I'd love to sail for a month or so at sea. Wouldn't you? Now these examples are solely Holland America's and there are many more with other cruise lines.

I recently signed up with to be a part-time cruise consultant. I'm SUPER excited and can't wait to learn and train.  Once I retire in 3 years (feel too young to retire!) then I'll go full time.

Happy Cruising,