Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Meet & Mingle

We now have almost 50 people signed up for our Meet & Mingle. What's that you're wondering?

It's something that Royal Caribbean offers and it's just wonderful. What happens is this: Someone starts a thread on a cruise site, like and

As I'm the cruise addict I usually end up starting this thread with a title like the one I have going right now: Liberty of the Seas Aug. 29-Sept. 5, End of the Summer BASH! Then others that are sailing on your ship on the same week you're sailing joins the group. You get to chat ahead of time and once you're on the ship, usually the second day, you all meet up. Some of the ship dignitaries willI join us like the cruise director, hotel director and such. It's a fun party. I've made some wonderful friends this way. Friends I've had for 5 or more years and still communicate with regularly.

I highly recommend dong this if you have an upcoming cruise. You won't regret it!!

Happy sailing,


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