Monday, October 20, 2008

Coming down from a cruise.

I have a good friend who is like a brother. His name is Jimmy and he lives in 'Nawlins.

I just talked him into a 3 day cruise because he really needed to get away from his life for a few days. He is a Carnival cruise line devotee and he took the Imagination out of Miami. The Imagination is an older ship that got a bit of a makeover.

He booked an inside stateroom because why waste the money when it's a short cruise! He said it was very clean and there were lots of new additions. (He phoned me while the ship was still at port in Miami.)

This morning I sent him a text message that went something like this: "hey, did u have fun?"
and "Are u awake?" I didn't hear anything. Then about an hour later I got the reply that I knew, without hesitation that I would get in return.

"Cruise was great, just don't want to leave the ship."

This is something that all of us cruise addicts will say. The last evening of the cruise you get this feeling of doom. You still have a good time but you just feel icky. You have to put your luggage out the door by midnight, so packing up all the fun things you bought is also tough. (bring bigger luggage...) It's just knowing that your excellent time onboard is coming to a close, and that's hard. REALLY hard.

When you leave the port...oh my gosh I could just cry. I can't explain how rotten I feel after leaving the ship...but knowing I'll be back helps a little. Not much...but a little.

Happy sailing,


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