Thursday, October 2, 2008

Royal Caribbean, a cold and Me

Hi there.

Today Royal Caribbean aka RCCL has a great sale going on. They are offering onboard credit and half the usual deposit amound if you book between now and the 12th.

I went to the site and did some chopping, (cruiseshopping as my friend coined it) finding some great deals. Now, we're really wanting to go to Alaska. Don't get me wrong, the caribbean is a fave of mine, but Mike's ultimate destination is Alaska. So I'm sitting here sniffling with a cold coming on, popping meds and zycam and decide to take a peek at the deals.

I looked at different cruise ships, southbound and northbound and there are some real good deals. To quote Stewie Griffin on the Family Guy "Oh, this is so good it just HAS to be fattening." But then I remember. Oh yeah. New house, mortgage, huge tax bill. Dammit, no money!

Another dream bites the dust...for now. Let's give it 3 months and see where our economy is. (and hopefully not in the toilet.)

That's it for now,


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