Monday, June 16, 2014

The Bermuda Triangle of Cruising

Every once in a while you find someone that booked a guarantee cabin (meaning that cabin category or above) but then something weird happens and the person finds out there actually in a lower class than what they booked. 

To me this falls into the "Bermuda triangle of  weird cruise happenings " that happens not very often, but certainly once in a while.

This person was complaining about it on the Cruise Critic boards for Royal Caribbean.  She should've gotten at least a Junior suite if not higher because of her guarantee booking.

The week before the cruise she finds out she is in the balcony state room which is below her booking and makes no sense.  

While this isn't exactly bait and switch, it certainly leaves one to wonder how in the heck did this happen?

Because of the new customer service center that is not housed in the US, there have been all kinds of problems regarding bookings. Is this the norm? Absolutely not. Can it happen? Absolutely so. 

Luckily for this cruiser, she was able to get a large onboard credit on her account to compensate for the mistake and she ended up having a wonderful cruise!

The moral of the story? Double check your booking, call the cruise line if you're not sure, double check your account online and leave nothing to chance.  

By the way, if they can't correct the mistake make sure that you get some kind of compensation, call Travelers United, they will fight on your behalf or call the cruise line corporate office.

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