Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Amazing acts of kindness on every cruise!

I'm a "glass is half full" kind of cruiser.  Because of that trait, I tend to have an amazing time on a cruise.  I know there are those who haven't enjoyed it or have had really horrid things happen to them. (Clothes stolen?  Another story to come!)

The biggest complaint I hear is about the food.  I'm not a foodie and I'm not picky.  

  • The chef cooks for me, that's top-notch in my book.  
  • A waiter wants to BRING the food to me.
  • After my meal the waiter will clean up, bring me dessert and others will wash the thousands of dishes?

Of course there are better meals than others, and not everyone will like what's on the menu.  Know this, you can choose from something that's not on the menu (ask your server) or even from the kids menu if you want something light.  Just because you don't see it doesn't mean it's not available.   

Are you a big eater?  Ask for another meal, another lobster tail, or another steak.  Still hungry?  There are many other food options before and after dinner.

My favorite?  Going to the Royal Promenade and getting a couple ranger cookies (yum!) and milk to take back to the my personal balcony.  Heaven!  

Even better, order room service!  You can get warm chocolate chip cookies and milk.  Happy, Happy!

Remember, not all cruises are the same nor are all cruise lines.  Take the best of what you experienced and forget the bad.  Keep our "picky" sides at home and just relax and enjoy your cruise!

Happy Cruising, Mary

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