Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cruise Addicts Read On...

Not sure if most of you would understand this extremely frustrating feeling?

These are my address tags for my suitcases.  It's completely true.  I will do almost anything to cruise. (Hey!  Keep it clean now...)  Sometimes I get this OVERWHELMING desire to cruise.  I can't seem to help it.  After the number of cruises I've been on, (14 with one booked)  you'd think that I would have gotten it out of my system, right?  I'm afraid that's not true.  Today, I've spent the morning trying to price a 5 night cruise for either early December or March of 2015.  Now I know that I can't go...but it's just that I have such a yearning to go.  Like an addict, the need to cruise is so overwhelming that while my brain ticks off the many to-do lists for my home, my heart only sees one thing, a future cruise.  

I'm sure I drive my hubby insane with it.  Patient man, that one!  He loves to cruise but not in the obsessive way that I do.  Here's my office at work for example.

I truly have a sickness...I'm a cruising addict. I have to send myself to cruisers anonymous.  Hi, my name is Mary and I'm an addict!

Happy Cruising!

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