Monday, June 2, 2014

Cruise Critic complainers running rampant!

I'm completely OCD about cruise planning.  I don't even talk about it with others because they aren't fervent cruise addicts like I am.  However, where I can find other like myself is Cruise Critic.

I love to research, check out reviews, see who has been visited by the Upgrade Fairy, etc.  I really can't get enough of the live cruise reviews, those brave people who count on the good (or bad) wifi on board to post an amazing amount of pictures and their play by play of the cruise.  I, for one, am too busy enjoying a fruity drink and enjoying the sun to post one during the cruise.  I suppose I should try it someday.

One of the recent few threads has been about complaints with the cruise line.  I feel if there is a valid complaint it should be stated and look for a solution.  Some people, however, have the silliest complaints!  To me, a cruise is something close to heaven and therefore there is little I complain about.  Wait a minute, there is NOTHING I complain about.

I think you have to take it for what is is--a amazing vacation on the high seas with plenty of sun, music, food and fun.  Oh and drinks...but mine are mostly the virgin kind.

There have been some really good sales lately.  Some sales aren't really sales...but this one was a great deal.  If you're in the market for a cruise, really do the math, compare apples to apples and get the best discount you can.  That way you have more money to spend onboard or in port.  In my's ALL good!

Happy Cruising, Mary

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