Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Oh the things you can think!

A new ship is always a cause for celebration.  Not for everyone, some feel the ship doesn't compare to  their latest and greatest, or it my too large for their taste.  However, seeing a ship cruise from it's shipyard to it's new home port is a wonderful feeling.  (If you're a cruise addict...ahem....)  There is nothing more romantic that taking an inaugural cruise.  I've done it once but then I had kids to raise.  I love the klingons (kids) but for many years I couldn't afford to cruise what with braces, prom gowns, and then college.

Quantum of the Seas will sail on her inaugural voyage from the UK on November 2. 2014.   I wish I could say I was sailing on Lady Quantum but...alas...I am not.  I could only wish!

She is very different from the Oasis class and is actually smaller.  For a line who always seems to enlarge their ships with each class, this is something new.  Also, this is the first ship since the Voyager class to be missing the Royal Promenade.  What?  What, you say?  No Royal Promenade?  I admit that I love the promenade.  I have a real crush on it.  However, I would live without it and would like to see this new ship.

What's so new you ask?  It's the first ship at sea to have bumper cars, The RipCord, a skydive simulator (oh that's so me!!) and the North Star, a giant arm to bring you up and over the side of the ship. YESSSSS!  I'm not an adrenaline junkie but I'm not afraid of heights, which is why this appeals to me.  

It's not just about the fun new innovations either.  The dining system is completely new on Quantum.  Instead of set dining times, or even My Time Dining, this will feature many restaurants in which to take you pick.

Quantum (and next, Anthem) will peak your interest and feed your inner child at the same time.  I hope to sail on her ...anyone have money to spare?  Send me on the Quantum!!

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