Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Choosing the best stateroom for YOU.

Not all cruisers thing alike. (What? Shocker!) Some must have suites, and some prefer to save their money and get a low-budget inside room.  There are middle roads as well, balcony staterooms and outside cabins with a window.

On some ships, mainly Royal Caribbean's Voyager, Freedom and Oasis class ships you can get a Promenade stateroom.  What's that you ask?  You did ask right?? Promenade staterooms are slightly more expensive than an inside room but make a huge difference.  The biggest complaint about an inside room is the lack of light.  Once you turn off the light your room is black as a tomb.   One way to fix that is to turn the tv onto the bridge cam, turn down the sound and as the sun comes up your room will slowly get lighter.  

To me, the best way is to get a Promenade room.  It looks out over the Royal Promenade and it's the best people watching rooms there are.  (Of course, the Oasis class also has two other people watching neighborhoods-Boardwalk and Central Park.)

As you can see, there are promenade staterooms across the promenade so when you want privacy, keep your curtains closed.  I found out the hard way!!!

From the promenade, you will see the rooms here:

My hubby and I really like a balcony but the next time I cruise with a friend or family member, I'm booking this room again.  I really loved it.  Hope you will,too.

Happy Cruising, Mary

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