Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And fall comes to Michigan...

Well, it's officially fall. It's about 58 degrees this morning and I had to wear a COAT. sheesh.
The leaves have been turning for awhile and they are about 50% there. Beautiful.

I've been getting tons of emails from the cruise industry. Is it because
our economy is in the toilet?

Is it because Congress rejected a $700 billion financial system bailout package and sent the Dow into a tailspin?

Is it because we just built our dream home and have absolutely no money for cruising?

Well yes...a little bit of all three. Not to mention that fall is prime time for saving on cruises.

I think the cruise industry is going to be struggling for awhile. Between the gas surcharge, holiday season approaching and the very little disposable income people have right now, vacationing may not be a possibility. I know, this sounds hideous for those of us who live to cruise, or ski, or whatever. Life is gonna be about the must haves and not the "i just wanna" have right now. And that makes me sad.

We work and work, raise our kids, pay taxes, (ugh don't get me started) shop smart, buy on sale and pay our bills. I think we deserve a little time off fun. It's a fact that vacations are health smart. See this link from CBS News.

For now, I'm still dreaming of our next cruise. Since Michael and I are newlyweds, so I'd love to surprise him with an Alaskan cruise for a late honeymoon. (His dream destination.)

Hmmm...better keep dreaming, huh?

Happy sailing,

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