Thursday, September 18, 2008

Why cruising is a perfect vacation

Greetings. I am a cruise addict. I've taken 14 cruises and can tell you that there is no vacation on earth that really gets you away...I mean really away. No cell phone calls, no one to tell you what to do or not to do, and you can cruise with someone or just get away on your own. It's your nirvana and you can mold it to what you want.

Think cruising is not for you? All you see are huge lines and being stuck at sea? That is the furthest thing from the truth. This is not your fathers cruise! You can gamble, rock climb, have a massage, mini-golf, box (!) and do just about anything a thrill seeker would do. Looking for a little tamer vaca? Shipboard shopping is wonderful as is their top notch spa's. Check out the onboard internet or library. Definitely a frozen drink and a comfy deck chair overlooking the ocean is an onboard must.

Afraid you'll get seasick? Nah! You have to remember these are floating cities! As a precaution you can take one Bonine tablet in the am and you'll never feel a thing. The motion of the ocean does one thing right. You'll never sleep better than on a cruise ship. It lulls you sleep better than a hot toddy.

I am probably the most enthusiastic person alive when it comes to cruising. If you want any info, let me know. I am NOT a travel agent. I am just someone who has a passion for cruising.

Happy Sailing,

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