Thursday, September 18, 2008

Friday's Rambling...

I LOVE fall. Living in northern Michigan in the fall is wonderful. The canopy of orange, yellow and red leaves on M-119 to Harbor Springs is amazing. Hot apple cider on a frosty evening and a hay wagon ride is wonderful. Don't forget to get those pumpkins too!

What does that have to do with cruising? Nada. However, the fall season is a great time to get a cruise bargain. (and an upgrade/upsell!) I know...some of you are worried about hurricanes. Not to worry! Cruise ships can sail anywhere they want to. A hurricane may change your ports of call a bit but hey, it's an adventure right???

I'm sure you know what an upgrade is, but do you know what an upsell is? That is where they have the upper end rooms available and offer you an upgrade for a nominal fee. In January we "upselled" from a mini-suite to a penthouse suite for $300 total. Was it worth it, hell yes!!!!

Well, life is calling me. More on this later!

Keep that margarita frozen until next time,


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