Monday, January 5, 2015

While it's snowing and cold, why not take a cruise?

One of the best months to take a cruise in January.  The prices are down and it's not overly hot if you're going to the Caribbean or Bermuda.  It's also a great month to try and get an upgrade or an upsell.

What's an upsell?  It's an opportunity to trade up to a better room for a fee.  Make sure you let your TA (Travel Agent) know you would like the opportunity. 

When Mike and I cruised NCL Jewel to the western Carib., we asked our TA to check on that for us.  We had booked an aft mini-suite for a 5 night pre-wedding honeymoon cruise.  (We couldn't cruise after our wedding as son Jake had to start school and we were married in late August.)

So while home sick one December day, my TA called and said she was going to make me VERY happy.  For $300 total we were offered an upsell from the mini-suite to a forward facing PENTHOUSE Suite!  This penthouse suite was complete with butler, concierge, cappuccino machine, the biggest balcony I've ever seen on a ship and many, many amenities.  We were treated like royalty. 

There are many ways to skin a cat so to speak.  If you're not sure or if this is your first cruise, talk to others who have cruised frequently.  On, you can find just that.

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