Thursday, December 18, 2014

One person's great cruise is another person's worst...go figure!

I'm constantly amazed at the cruise reviews that are negatively slanted. No matter the cruise line - but for this blogs sake I'll pick on Royal Caribbean. 

I know there are experiences that are less than stellar but in all truth, I've never had a bad cruise. 

I hear complaints about embarkation, food quality, shows, ports and excursions not to mention cabins.  I think if you have to wait more than an hour to embark, it's a nuisance.  However, I can wait knowing that I'm going to be on the ship in a little time. 

Food quality is so subjective that it's hard to know where to start. Yes, the Windjammer (or Jammer as it's known) may not have the quality of the main dining room or specialty dining.  It has one thing in it's favor, however, and that is the ability to pop in and grab a snack pretty much any time of the day or night...which is pretty great.   I love their bran muffins, the only time I eat them is on the ship.  They are superb.  I am pretty laid back about food.  If I'm not cooking it and I'm not cleaning up after it, it's good to me. 

I've always had decent meals in the MDR (main dining room) although there are one or two meals I haven't liked.  Guess what?  Your waiter will bring you need for complaint.  I find the MDR to be a great place for any meal.  Specialty dining is just that.  It is a special experience with great food.  You will have to pay a fee, but it's usually so good it's more than worth the price.

I pick the cruise for the ship and not the port of calls.  However, that being said, we are booked on a southern Caribbean cruise with friends and I am looking forward to a couple stops.  I may go to port or I may not.  The ship is the ultimate destination to me.  There are some ports that I haven't enjoyed, but that doesn't mean someone else won't.  You may love that port - it's all subjective.  

Where am I the pickiest?  Ah...that would be my cabin.  I want the best cabin for my dollar.  I want the best location and the biggest balcony I can afford.  I wasn't always able to cruise in a balcony and have had my share of inside and outside staterooms.  If there's a problem with your cabin please tell your steward.  They should be able to fix it.  Speak up and be kind yet firm.  The staff work their hinds end off each and every week.  They deserve your respect and they are willing to help.

A cruise is what you make it.  I'm a glass half full...make that 3/4 full kind of girl.  I know I'm going to enjoy myself and do as much as I can fit in that 7 days.  If something isn't perfect, I can roll with it. I am just amazed at the finicky people complaining and giving the cruise 1 star.  1 star?  Come on.  You're on a cruise ship in the middle of the're not working!  

A good day cruising beats a great day working any day of the week. 

Happy cruising, 


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