Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Live Out Your Years on a Cruise Ship

There was an article today in Fox News Online and a number of other newspapers that an elderly woman is spending $164, 000 a year to live on the Crystal Cruises Serenity ship.  I think it's a brilliant way to retire in your later years.  Her husband had died, according to the article, and she sold her 5 bedroom Ft. Lauderdale home (which included 10 acres) and continued her cruising life.  Lee Wachtstetter and her husband had cruised many times over there 50 year marriage.  89 cruises to be exact before he passed away.  He told her to continue to cruise and so she now resides on cruise ships.  

With the high cost of assisted living, wouldn't it make sense to wake up to the sea and the breezes?  To go into port or not, but to be waited on constantly, dine like a queen and be in permanent residence on a ship? Think of the entertainment at your disposal!  And the food! 

I'd like to know what you think?  I, for one, would do it in a heartbeat IF I could afford it.  Think about it though, no property tax, no need to pay for garbage removal or satellite telly.  No grocery bill or phone bill.  However, you would have a high cost of living, many port charges, etc. I'm assuming she phones her family while in port but otherwise that would be extremely expensive. 

Still, I wouldn't blink.  I hope someday that will be my life.  I know it's not for many people but I could totally live my life on a cruise ship.

What do you think?  See the article here. 

Happy Cruising,

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