Thursday, July 9, 2009

Miami - the perfect pre-cruise destination

In 50 days I'll be in Miami. It makes the craziness of work, the endless paperwork getting ready for our county Fair and hot summer nights nothing in comparison to the feeling I'll have when I get off the plane at Miami International.
Our pre-cruise hotel is the new Epic hotel. It's part of the Kimpton line and it looks FAB! I really can't wait. It's very chic and boutiquey. (not a word I know but I can use it if I want!) We booked a water view and I really hope we can see a glimpse of the cruise ships in port. Hope, Hope! Their customer service is so flawless it should have a fancier name....Personal Attach? perhaps? Can't WAIT!

Of course, the cr?me de la cr?me would be stepping on the beautiful Liberty of the Seas itself. I really do want to kiss the floor when I step off the gangway onto the ship. Don't know if my hubby would like that though.

Ah dreaming makes me so happy and takes the dreary bookkeeping down a notch.

Happy Cruising,

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