Friday, July 24, 2009

35 Days to go and's going by fast now!

We booked this cruise back in January so the time has really seemed to go by slow...until now. It's flying by! Could be because it's my busy time at work, or that it's summer, but I'm realizing I have to get some things done!

My son has grown out of almost all his clothes, so I'm slowly gathering some shorts and shirts. His suit still fits (Thank God!) but that's about it.

We have someone to come and help with the horses while we're gone which puts us at ease. I'll sure miss my Luna Balloona though when we're gone.

I have two dresses out getting shortened (damn shortness) and so that's cool. Now I just need a pair of silver heels and a pair of white anyone?

Our exchange student called today from Poland. Gosh we miss him. But I'm thrilled for his family, they really missed him.

Well, that's it for now,

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