Tuesday, November 10, 2015

My Cruises Inc business cards came!

Wow...I'm somebody!  (Does that remind you of Steve Martin from The Jerk?")

I've been a Travel Specialist with Cruises Inc. for 3 months now.  Building my client base and listening to webinars and checking out deals about every day. 

I have yet to book a cruise ...  but ... know I will soon.  My sister-in-law wants to go to the Caribbean in October 2016 and I've got some great leads.

Now that's I've stated the above, this time of year gets me thinking of Christmas cruises.  I've written before that I've always wanted to go on one but with BOTH...count em...2 daughters getting married last month, there will be no cruise for me this Christmas.

Interested in a cruise?  Visit me at www.cruisewithmary.com  Catchy huh?

Where do YOU want to go today?  #cruiselife4me  #cruisewithmary

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