Monday, September 14, 2015

The days are getting shorter, time for an Autumn cruise!

Well I've been a bit busy since I last wrote.  With both daughters getting married next month (wow!) and busy at work as is the norm, but the biggest news is that I trained with Cruises Inc and am not a Cruise Vacation Specialist!!

So far it's been wonderful and I've been BUSY with quotes and friends and co-workers wanting to book cruises.  So...on to the blog....

 It's a hard time for us here in Michigan.  Nights are getting cooler and the days are getting shorter.  None of us like to see this occurring, because that means winter is surely coming.  BUT, before winter gets here there is this delicious and wonderful time of year called Fall or Autumn to some of you.  

So what does that mean to the cruise industry and it's passengers?  The kids are back to school so you can take advantage of some great prices!

Visit my website at and see what I'm talking about.  

Happy sailing, 

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