Monday, September 14, 2009

We're back and rested but...

Liberty of the Seas was an amazing ship. I mean amazing. We had such a wonderful time, from the moment we touched down in Miami, stayed at the Epic Hotel (which was FAB), and of course the cruise.

Our forward balcony stateroom was fantastic. A little tight with the three of us but not bad. Jake had so much to do with the teen group that we hardly ever saw him, except at dinner. After about 3-4 nights he didn't even want to have dinner with us but with his friends. Michael and I really enjoyed ourselves. The shows were fantastic, the food delicious, the solarium (adult only) pool was our haven.

The sad part is, we can't afford to cruise next year as we have to do the finish work on our new home. Oh bugger! In the meantime I think I'll start a website with cruise info just for fun. Give me something to do other than work!!

Happy cruising,

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