Wednesday, August 26, 2009

2 more days! Liberty of the Seas here we come!!

YESSSSS! Today is my last day of work! I can remember when my coundown was about 8 months and some odd days, and now we're down to 2!!

I've gotten my hair cut, getting my nails done today, getting Jake new clothes (and thanks MOM for taking him on a shopping trip!!) and got the suitcases down last night.

Tomorrow I'm off work, so I can do all the last minute things I need to do including PACKING! I hate packing but I will have to do it tonight or tomorrow. I just received our air reminder to log in tomorrow and print off our boarding passes.

I tried to get an upgrade with RCCL since this is Jake's first cruise and I want it to be perfect for him, but that was a no go. I received a very polite brush off letter. Bummer. The thing is, there are suites still available onboard, even a Jr. Suite would be great for cabin size with the 3 of us. Oh well. Apparently the word is out that NCL does a better job of upgrading and since we've had one (as new clients to NCL) I guess that's true!! However, I still love RCCL ships more than any other.

I have to pack, must pack but before I do it's nice to take a minute and just breathe and think about the open ocean. Ahhhh..I love cruising!

PS: HUGE thanks to Rich for taking on the responsibility of the farm and staying at our house while we're gone. YAY!

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