Thursday, April 10, 2014

Catching up!

I am a really horrid Blogger. I bought a new phone and I didn't download the app on this phone so I've been missing in action for months and months and months!!

So what's new you ask?  Oh you didn't ask? I'm going to tell you anyway! 
In the cruising world there's always something new. New ships, new Innovations, new ways to find bliss all over the globe!

Right now I'm starting to research a cruise for either next year or 2016. I have the most days at sea with Royal Caribbean/Celebrity. I've cruised once with Carnival  (my first cruise)  and once  with  Norwegian Cruise line. Our NCL cruise was amazing as we were blessed to get an upswell from a mini-suite to a penthouse suite for $300 total. It was totally worth it!

I was really looking at the Allure of the Seas, Royal Caribbean's newest ship, (That is until Quantum of the Seas comes out this year) nut I'm also looking at going a little old-school with Freedom of the Seas, and being able to get a nicer room with a lot less money. It's a tough choice because I've never been on Allure and I do enjoy all the amenities that we would receive sailing on her but on the other hand, the suite life is a very sweet life indeed!!

For now, Happy Cruising!

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