Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's official! The cruise is booked, we started a Liberty of the Seas roll call and we joined our Meet & Mingle. That means.....drum roll please.........we've book on Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas. My gosh she's a beauty!

We've got lots to celebrate with this cruise. Our son's official adoption and his 16th birthday. We couldn't go this time of year, he's in school and it's too hard for my DH to be gone. After school won't work because we have two new foals to play with. Summer is tough for my work schedule so it's August 29-Sept. 5 End of Summer Bash! Suh-weet!

Now this is a hush-hush adventure and he doesn't know a thing. But I will post pics or video of his surprise when his bday rolls around. Teehee.

Life is good.

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