Thursday, January 22, 2009

Why you should give me a cruise for free....

1. Because I talk endlessly about the wonderful cruises I've taken and have and roughly 15 friends booked cruises because of it.

2. Because I know a LOT about cruising and give excellent advice.

3. Because I'm cute and cuddly and fun as well. I've missed my calling as a Cruise Director.

4. I'm very persuasive.

5. I can give a gazillion reasons why people should choose YOUR cruise line.

6. I know my way around the Caribbean and can be an impromptu guide.

7. I know how to make a monkey towel animal.

8. I can fill in for the captain when need long as we're securely tied-up in port. (c'mon you didn't really think I can drive the boat did ya??)

9. I could totally entertain the bored with exciting tales of former cruises.

10. Did I mention I'm cute and cuddly?

Happy Sailing - and apparently dreaming,

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